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Pre-orders for Need a Hero? Comics are done through PREVIEWSWORLD. Click the image to get started:


Pre-orders on the PREVIEWSWORLD site are easy... with one exception: DC Comics. All other publishers on the site are easy to browse and order. DC products, however, are a little trickier. There are a few workarounds to solve this problem. Below are a couple of links that showcase upcoming comics that you can use to help you order. This can also help you with ordering from other publishers as well!



Use the links to discover what DC comics (and more!) are releasing in the coming months. In PREVIEWSWORLD, search each title you are looking for individually (Note: if you search a title, available variants should appear as well). If the title is not showing up when searched, try adjusting the wording and spelling to help filter what you are looking for. 


  • You search for "Batman Urban Legends 21" but it is not showing up. Try searching "Legends 21" OR "Urban" OR " Batman" OR "Batman Urban" and various searches similar in phrasing. 

  • You search for "Spider-man 2099 5" and it is not showing up. Try searching "2099 5" OR "2099" OR "Spider-man" OR "Spider" and various searches similar in phrasing. 

If there is a comic that you are searching for, and you cannot find it, feel free to contact us using the email or by using the form HERE

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